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Thin-film lithium niobate has shown promise for scalable applications ranging from single-photon sources to high-bandwidth data communication systems.
Realization of the next generation high-performance classical and quantum devices, however, requires much lower optical losses than the current state of the art (~10 million). Unfortunately, material limitations of ion-sliced thin film lithium niobate have not been explored, and therefore it is unclear how high quality factor  can be achieved in this platform. Here we evaluate the material limited quality factor of thin film lithium niobate photonic platform can be as high as Q~108 at telecommunication wavelengths, corresponding to a propagation loss of 0.2 dB/m.
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We demonstrate a new approach to supercontinuum generation and carrier-envelope-offset detection in dispersion-engineered nanophotonic waveguides based on saturated second-harmonic generation of femtosecond pulses. In contrast with traditional approaches based on self-phase modulation, this technique simultaneously broadens both harmonics by generating rapid amplitude modulations of the field envelopes. The generated supercontinuum produces coherent carrier-envelope-offset beatnotes in the overlap region that remain in phase across 100’s of nanometers of bandwidth while requiring <10 picojoules of pulse energy.
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Existing nonlinear-optic implementations of pure, unfiltered heralded single-photon sources do not offer the scalability required for densely integrated quantum networks. Additionally, lithium niobate has hitherto been unsuitable for such use due to its material dispersion. We engineer the dispersion and the quasi-phasematching conditions of a waveguide in the rapidly emerging thin-film lithium niobate platform to generate spectrally separable photon pairs in the telecommunications band. Such photon pairs can be used as spectrally pure heralded single-photon sources in quantum networks. We estimate a heralded-state spectral purity of >94% based on joint spectral intensity measurements. Further, a joint spectral phase-sensitive measurement of the unheralded time-integrated second-order correlation function yields a heralded-state purity of (86±5)%.
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A high-resolution broad-spectral-bandwidth spectrometer on a chip would create new opportunities for gas-phase molecular fingerprinting, especially in environmental sensing. A resolution high enough to observe transitions at atmospheric pressure and the simultaneous sensitive detection of multiple atoms or molecules are the key challenges. Here, an electro-optic microring-based dualcomb interferometer, fabricated on a low-loss lithium-niobate-on-insulator nanophotonic platform, demonstrates significant progress towards such an achievement. Spectra spanning 1.6 THz (53 cm-1) at a resolution of 10 GHz (0.33 cm-1) are obtained in a single measurement without requiring frequency scanning or moving parts. The frequency agility of the system enables spectrally-tailored multiplexed sensing, which allows for interrogation of non-adjacent spectral regions, here separated by 6.6 THz (220 cm-1), without compromising the signal-to-noise ratio.
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Integrated thin-film lithium niobate (TFLN) photonics has emerged as a promising platform for realization of high-performance chip-scale optical systems. Of particular importance are TFLN electro-optic modulators featuring high-linearity, low driving voltage and low-propagation loss. However, fully integrated system requires integration of high power, low noise, and narrow linewidth lasers on TFLN chip. Here we achieve this goal, and demonstrate integrated high-power lasers on TFLN platform with up to 60 mW of optical power in the waveguides. We use this platform to realize a high-power transmitter consisting an electrically-pumped laser integrated with a 50 GHz modulator.
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