On-chip all-dielectric fabrication-tolerant zero-index metamaterials


Shota Kita, Yang Li, Philip Muñoz, Orad Reshef, Daryl I. Vulis, Robert W. Day, Eric Mazur, and Marko Lončar. 4/3/2017. “On-chip all-dielectric fabrication-tolerant zero-index metamaterials.” Optics Express, 25, 7, Pp. 8326-8334. Publisher's Version
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Zero-index metamaterials (ZIMs) offer unprecedented ways to manipulate the flow of light, and are of interest for wide range of applications including optical cloaking, super-coupling, and unconventional phase-matching properties in nonlinear optics. Impedance-matched ZIMs can be obtained through a photonic Dirac-cone (PDC) dispersion induced by an accidental degeneracy of an electric monopole and a transverse magnetic dipole mode at the center of the Brillouin zone. Therefore, PDC is very sensitive to fabrication imperfections. In this work, we propose and demonstrate fabrication-tolerant all-dielectric ZIM in telecom regime that supports near PDC dispersion over much wider parameter space than conventional designs. The prism device integrated with Si photonics is fabricated and measured for the verification.

Last updated on 04/18/2017